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How to know what RAM is compatible with your motherboard?
1-If you know about computer hardware open your computer case, RAM going into the DIMM slots in the motherboard. Your RAM card(s) is/are probably vertically installed, it is Very easy to locate. Remove one of the memory sticks and then read the memory spec form the sticker attached.
If you have never opened you case before then donít do so now. please e-mail us your computer specs or your motherboard specs and we will find the right ram for you.
2- If you know the model number of the motherboard, check-out the manufacturer's website, or just do a Google search for that make and model of motherboard. Alternatively, if the motherboard came as part of a package deal as a specific model of computer, just look that up.

This is, of course, assuming that you haven't lost the manuals.
3-Go to or
on those sites, you must select your motherboard OR run the system scan and it will tell you how much RAM your computer can support.

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